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Estonian Business Register - User Guide

Estonian Business Register app makes possible to use Business Register Query functionality on customer, vendor and contact card.

Business Register Query

Query from Business Register enables to make queries from Business Register free information service “Requisites XML Service” and “E-Invoice Register Service”.

In order to make queries, one has to have a contract for using e-Business Register. Contract information:

The following data is queried from the Business Register:

How to set up Business Register Query

Open Business Register Setup and setup:

Selecting Apply Default Settings in the setup will will add the Estonian Business Register web address ( to the Business Register Service URL field and set Default Country/Region Code to Estonia matching value (usually “EE”).
Also in table Countries/Regions Address format is set to “City+County+Post Code” in order to make field County visible on Customer/Vendor/Contact ect card.

How to use Business Register Query

E-Business Register query can be used for following purposes:

  1. As a batch query which compares customer and vendor data with the business register and shows or updates the differences. Report can be also setup as a Job Queue recurring job. Report compares and updates the fields:
    • Registration No.
    • VAT Registration No.
    • Document Sending Profile - allows to assign e-invoice profile for the customers who are in e-invoice register.
  2. As a detailed query for creating a new customer/vendor/contact or to check and update an existing customer/vendor/contact.

To use batch query, open Customers or Vendors list. Apply filters if necessary and run a function Update Data from Business Register. In a report query page, choose if you want to show the differences and/or also update. If the Registration No. is missing for the customer or vendor, query is made using a company name without most common form of business pre- and suffixes (OÜ, AS, UÜ, TÜ, MTÜ, FIE, OSAÜHING, TÄISÜHING, AKTSIASELTS, USALDUSÜHING, KORTERIÜHISTU, TULUNDUSÜHISTU, MITTETULUNDUSÜHING ja FÜÜSILISEST ISIKUST ETTEVÕTJA).
In cases when a company was not found in Business Register (e.g. company name was written differently) or multiple matches was found, then you can use detailed query to correct the company name or select the correct match from the results.

To use the detailed query, open Customers or Vendors or Contacts, edit an existing card or create a new card and assign a No. to the new customer/vendor/contact card. Then run a function Query from Business Register, which will open the Business Register Query window.
When running query on existing Customer/Vendor/Contact and if Registration No. exists and meets requirements, then query shall be done using Registration No.
NB! You can only run the Query from Business Register on contacts that have Type “Company”. The query is not active when contact type is “Person”.

Business Register Query window

Enter Name to Search and/or Reg. No. to Search. Then the query will be run and will return the found result. If necessary, adjust the name or Reg. No. to search.

When expected result is returned, click on the company record.

The company data which are in Business Central, is displayed in the bottom right of the window. The company data which are in e-Business Register, is displayed in the bottom left of the window.

To use the data found from e-Business register to fill in or update data in Business Central, click the button after the desired fields or the field Select All.

You can edit the data if necessary. To save the data into the customer/vendor/contact card, click OK.

For more information, please contact:
Estonian Dynamics Partners