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Estonian Intrastat Reporting - User Guide

This app adds Estonian requirements and formats to the Intrastat reporting functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Please read more about Business Central Intrastat reporting on:
Set Up and Report Intrastat

Setup Intrastat

The required level of detail in Estonian Intrastat reporting can be different from company to company.

To setup the appropriate requirements for your company, open Intrastat Setup and fill in the Purchase Mandatory Fields and Sales Mandatory Fields on Estonian Intrastat fast tab:

Value Description
Not in Use Intrastat specific fields are not required on sales and purchases.
Basic Requirements “Tariff No.”, “Country/Region of Origin Code”, “Net Weight” are required on Item card and “Transaction Type” on document.
Additional Requirements Basic Requirements + “Entry/Exit Point” are required on document.
(Documents with posting date until 31st december 2021 have as required fields also “Transport Method” and “Shipment Method Code”).

Check if field Format Configured is ‘Yes’ on Estonian Intrastat fast tab. You can also click ‘Yes’, to see the format configuration entry.
This makes possible the creation of Intrastat Report file, that meets the Estonian requirements.

Setup Tariff Numbers

In Estonia, some of the tariff numbers require reporting of quantity in supplementary units in addition to the weight.

To setup this, open Tariff Numbers and fill in appropriate Supplem. UoM Code and a Supplementary Units checkbox for tariffs if required.

Items belonging to such tariffs, need to have the same unit of measure setup in Items Unit of Measure window.

When doing Intrastat reporting, as a result, Supplem. UoM Code and a Supplem. UoM Quantity will be filled in on Intrastat Journal lines for these items. Please note that Supplem. UoM Quantity value is taken from respective field International Standard Code on Units of Measure table.

Reporting in Intrastat Journal

If on Intrastat Jnl. Batches field Statistics Period is filled (for example december 2021 is 2112) and Reported is false, then on Intrastat journal action Suggest Lines retrieves all the item entries in the statistics period and inserts them as lines in the Intrastat journal.

Action Create File shall create an XML file of Intrastat report.
Saved file in XML format can be submitted in estat environment.

For more information, please contact:
Estonian Dynamics Partners