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Estonian Package Excise - User Guide

This extension adds Estonian localization for package excise functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Once a quarter, entrepreneurs must submit a packaging excise duty declaration. The present functionality of the Estonian localization makes it possible to assemble a dataset necessary for the submission of the excise duty declaration in Business Central. The functionality does not include a printout of the excise duty declaration report.

References to the Packaging Act:


General settings

Settings of packaging materials can be found by typing Package Materials

Packaging excise duty settings for items

Item Card

On the Inventory FastTab, a value is selected for the Packaging Excise Calculation field. Possible values of the field are:

Value Explanation
No Calculation The item is not included in packaging excise duty calculation.
Use Entry Unit of Measure Packages must be setup for the units used in transactions.
Use Base Unit of Measure Packages must be setup only for the base unit. Transactions in other units are converted to base units before package quantity calculation.

Application of the unit of measurement of an item to packaging materials

For the calculation of packaging excise duty, the measurement unit(s) of an item must be applied to packaging materials. For that, on the Item Card in the Actions tab under Item press the Package Materials button. In the page that opens, codes and quantities of packaging materials related to the unit of measurement (or different units of measurement) of the item are set.
There it’s possible via personalization to make visible field Variant Code, to enter packaging materials for different item variants (in case different item variants have different packaging).
Note! If an item variant has no packaging materials, but the item with an empty variant has a packaging material, then the amount of packaging material for the item of the corresponding variant should be set to zero.
As additional information (e.g. for the auditor) it’s possible to add the method how package weight was found (from options Self weighted, Provided By Vendor, Similar item). With personalization it’s possible to add creator and/or modifier information fields to the page.


The page for generation of packaging excise duty report Package Excise Declaration is launched by typing Package Excise Declarations Actions: New - a new packaging excise duty declaration is created Edit - enables editing a marked and not submitted packaging excise duty declaration View - displays a marked packaging excise duty declaration Delete - deletes a marked packaging excise duty declaration

Upon the creation of a new packaging excise duty declaration, the following fields are filled in the page:

Field Explanation
No. The packaging excise duty declaration number is entered in the field
Description Description of the packaging excise duty declaration
Period Start Determines the beginning of the period
Period End Determines the end of the period
Last Modify Time Time when the packaging excise duty declaration was last modified
Last Modify User The user name of the person having last modified the packaging excise duty declaration
Reported Shows that the packaging excise duty declaration has been submitted. Makes fields (except for Reported) read-only

Calculation activity of packaging excise duty declaration is started from the Packaging Excise Declaration page by pressing Calculate Lines. On the request form that opens, determine the filters (those are pre-filled by default), and press OK.

Packaging excise duty quantities are calculated on terms determined by the filters.

By default, request form filters of the Calculate Lines activity are filled with the following filters:

The packaging excise duty declaration is filled, using the following logic:

Report lines that have been generated cannot be manually added and deleted. The user can add values to the following columns:

By clicking the value in column Package Material Quantity (KG), the Package Excise Decl. Entries page is opened with detailed entries of which the calculated quantity consists. If the report has been submitted, the Reported field in the header is marked. If the field is marked:

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