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Outbound e-documents

How to create e-document out of NAV document

Generally, there is no need to manually create e-documents. We recommend to setup creating e-documents on posting in Telema Setup.

To manually create e-documents open Outbound E-Documents and on the Actions tab actions group Create Document from NAV select the desired action.

Filter out the documents that you want to convert into e-documents and press OK. E-documents are created only for these customers whose setup allows sending out e-documents.

If there is existing not cancelled e-document available for any selected NAV document, confirmation to create new e-document will be asked.

How to send e-documents to Telema

Open Outbound E-Documents. There is a list of e-documents, this shows documents that are created from NAV documents but are not sent to Telema yet.

Run action Send Document to Telema. By default the current row is in filter. To send out all e-documents remove the filter.

If sending of e-document is successful, the value of Handling Status field will be changed to Sent to Telema and e-document moves to page Handled Outbound E-Documents.

If sending of e-documents is not successful, the value of Handling Status field will be changed to Error and field Handling Error displays the error message (first 250 symbols).

If you check the box Stop on Error then handling will be stopped whenever first error occurs and detailed error message is displayed.

Typical causes of errors can be: · E-document does not comply with format requirements · E-document does not comply with requirements set by counterparty

If problems with e-documents appear you can use action View Document XML which enables to open the document (in web browser), save and inspect the content of the document.

If the problem with e-document cannot be solved you can cancel further handling of the e-document with action Cancel Document.

If there is need to process (send to Telema) manually corrected XML file use Create Document from XML action. This action creates new e-document based on the given XML file.

Outbound e-Document could be rejected by the Telema server if it is duplicate. There could be two reasons for this error:

· It is real duplicate (a document from the same sender with the same document type and number within the same year). This can happen if user creates document manually. · Document has been sent to the Telema server, but receiving confirmation did not reach back to NAV and document’s Handling Status is not marked as Sent to Telema.

In both cases user should cancel the further handling attempts of the document by using the action Cancel Document.

How to automate sending e-documents using NAS

To automate Telema EDI jobs, NAV Application Server must be set up and running the Job Queue functionality.

Open the Job Queue Entries. Create new job entry for the Report 24007802 Send E-Documents to Telema. Set up the schedule of the job on Recurrence FastTab.

In case errors appear during automatic handling of the documents you can setup notifications to be sent into the My Notifications window of the Role Center. To set up the notifications open Telema Setup and assign the receiver(s) in the Notify on errors in NAS field.